At the Agile Copilot, we believe that individuals are motivated by our sense of purpose.  That goes for us in our personal lives and our lives at work. 

As your Copilot,

So we offer tools and techniques for improvement in both.  We offer a personal Life Goals program that helps individuals set goals and provide the techniques to work towards those goals and we offer training and coaching for corporate teams to improve how they work.  Click through below to visit our Teams page and our Individuals page.


Are your teams struggling to perform?
Do your employees spend all thier time in meetings and not getting work done?
Do you feel like work is getting done but you can't quanitify it to your business partners or senior leadership?

If you have a sense that your teams can be producing more or working better together but you are not sure how to leverage and cultivate that energy, we can help.

With a light framework of tools and techniques, we will set up healthy teams that have all of the basic components for motivation and top performance.

Our Teams Program page is coming soon.

Do you have a business idea that’s been lying dormant for years in your head? You keep thinking that if you just got off your lazy butt, you could actually enjoy your work and be in control of your life?

Have you ever made a resolution to get out of debt, lose weight, quit smoking and so on? Probably every year, right?

It’s hard to stay on the path. You start off with lofty goals and lots of enthusiasm. But after just a few weeks, life takes over and the path to your goals seem more like the stuff dreams are made of. And then we just give up.

What if you could use the principles and practices that help companies like Facebook and google deliver products to help you achieve your goals?