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Programs for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Scrum Master Coaching Cohort

Prepare and qualify for your Scrum Master certification (CSM) through our Certification Through Coaching program. We cover the contents of the Scrum Guide and the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance. Through coaching and practice with a peer group, you learn the theory and the practices that foster and integrate the principles of agility, facilitation techniques and the work of transforming into a servant leader. The program takes place over a period of 6 weeks of online and in-person interaction to complete the required contact hours. Request additional information using the form below.

Business Agility Training Course

The Fall 2019 Business Agility Course is a 4-hour session and covers foundational information as well as meeting and facilitation instruction. Additional support instruction and coaching may be added. Earn SEUs and/or PDUs through participation in this class. Request additional information using the form below.

Integrative Decision Making Process Webinar

Getting agreement to try an idea or making proposals can be challenging at a company. Many times we look for consensus and get wrapped up in all kinds of discussions and challenges to ideas and we can never get things started or we just stop bringing up new ideas altogether because it’s just too difficult to introduce new concepts. Learn about a structured Integrative Decision Making (IDM) process that you can use to introduce ideas, proposals and process changes that integrates team feedback for more robust solutions. Sign up here.

Facilitating Adult Learning Activities


The most fun class ever! Did you know that adults learn best by doing activities and having fun at the same time? Learn about activities that help adults learn the concepts of communication & collaboration, iterative development, inspect and adapt, delegation and other concepts. Learn and practice facilitation of these activities as well as proper debrief to really take learning to the next level. Great program for project managers, Scrum Masters, facilitators and trainers. Request additional information using the form below.


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