Integrative Decision Making

Webinar - Aug 13 | 7PM EST


August 13, 2019 | 7PM EST

Decision-making can be frustrating and slow at many organizations. Decisions can get held up forever in the quest for consensus , or can be so difficult to get through that people stop proposing new ideas because it’s not worth trying. Many organizations develop back channels to get things through and create a culture of secrets where only people “in the know” can push things through the system. And in some organizations, decisions are made only at the top and then not properly communicated.

How do we break out of these constraints and bring forth new ideas or concepts to help move our work forward? Learn about a structured Integrative Decision Making (IDM) process that promotes better decision-making through the integration of the team’s perspective and consent to move forward.

The IDM process allows individuals to make proposals around ideas or processes and make decisions based on data and inputs rather than opinions, promotes trust and collaboration by giving everyone a voice and involving the right people, speeds up the process by encouraging consent rather than consensus and helps focus on delivering short-term value.

In this interactive webinar, we’ll review the origins of the IDM process, the structure, how to facilitate a session and more detailed questions at the end of the talk.

The webinar is on August 13th from 7PM-8PM EST with an additional half hour for additional questions. There is no cost to this webinar. The webinar will be held as a Zoom meeting. Please join a few minutes before to test video and audio.

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