Business Agility

The world is changing quickly and disruption is all around us. We no longer have the luxury of time to wait and see how we are going to provide the products and services that customers demand. It’s too easy for customers to move on to the next business.

Business agility is a light framework of principles and practices that help your business focus on innovation, help your teams make decisions faster, unblock work for quick action, and embody a collaborative and dynamic culture and mindset.

We educate, coach and support your teams to learn by doing so that they can immediately shift their thinking and master the practices of agile organizations. Join our Business Agility Training class in September to learn about the practices that you can use to start shifting your organization. Sign up for more information here.

Agility Coaching

Our certified coach will educate and prepare your Scrum Masters, facilitators, teams and managers on agile frameworks while focusing on the mindset shifts required for lasting adoption. While teaching and coaching on the practices and techniques, we focus on the behavior changes that the agile frameworks promise - a focus on value, adapting to change, organizing around motivated individuals, collaboration, technical excellence, self organization, and continuous improvement.

Practices without mindset changes are just forced rules and very temporary. Our approach helps make transparent the organizational inefficiencies that are blocking creativity and agility.

We’re kicking off a Scrum Master Coaching Cohort where we prepare participants for Scrum Master certification through education, coaching and practice. Space is very limited. The Fall Cohort starts in September. Sign up for more information here.

Team Building


Team building is critical for creating the most productive teams. Productive teams share knowledge, accomplishments, failure and accountability, and most importantly - have fun. When we you have fun at work and you care deeply about the success of your co-workers, you do better. We can all do better!

Based on your team individual needs, we will facilitate small or large team building sessions to help build trust and break down walls between teams and team members. Our sessions are fun and exciting and educational.

To get a taste for team building activities and have some fun while you’re at it, join us for our team building session, Facilitating Adult Learning Activities coming soon. Get details by submitting your information here.