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Hi, I am Cristina.  I am from New York city and live in Florida with my husband and 4 dogs. I cook, I bake, I talk a lot about being agile. 

What are we talking about anyway?

I like to think that I help people become more open and adaptive.  Agile is a mindset of being able to move quickly while adapting to changes. It's the philosophy that you can be productive in achieving goals while being open to change.

Agile encourages what I refer to as chunking - allowing is to break things into small pieces and achieve smaller, yet functional results. The smaller pieces keep you focused and the faster results keep you motivated because you are not waiting until the end to see the fruit of your labor. This isn't new, many agree that you have to take small steps to make progress. But how do you do that?  

That's where agile and some of the tools and techniques under the agile umbrella help us.

I've been living agile for a while now and I apply agile to many things that I do.  I use some of the tools and techniques at home and on personal goals. We'll talk about a lot of those here and how you can be agile in life to see progress in the areas that you desire to change.

My stories are based on everyday experiences.  Some are funny, some are difficult and some are ugly. My learnings have come from working with multiple corporate teams over the years of all configurations. It’s been a great journey, thank you for joining!